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Top 6 Holiday Beauty Looks for 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Looking for a "look" this holiday season? This year will definitely be one to remember. We will be celebrating on a MUCH MUCH smaller scale then we would normally do, with just our immediate family this year. Its sad, but it's safe. I have been looking for some makeup looks to try for this holiday season and I have rounded them all up for you!! I think we can all use a little push right now in the makeup department.

The Ultimate Bad A** Red Lip and Cat Eye

From @adamburrell wearing @lisaeldridgemakeup "Velvet Ribbon True Velvet Lipstick" is the absolutely stunning Jennifer Hudson. The cat eye and red lip is probably my absolute favorite because it is timeless and goes great with any and every fancy occasion. Or, if you like, on a Tuesday! This one is for those of you who are seeking a traditional look and who could blame you? This year has been everything BUT traditional. With all of the changes in the world right now, and all of the uncertainty in our daily lives I think we could all use a little more stability and this look just shouts "take me back to the good times". Like the lipstick? This EXACT lipstick can be purchased here or from Covergirl here.

Golden Holiday Sweetheart

Next up, another post from @adamburrell, is what I'd like to call the Golden Holiday Sweetheart because just look at @leonalewis. Absolutely flawless skin would look great with any color, it's true but her blue/gray eyes here just POP!! Check out this Gold Palette from Marc Jacobs at Sephora!

Neutrals for a Bright Colored Outfit

Sometimes you have such an amazing outfit or shirt in a bright color that you need to look hot but not "overly done". @jessanista is flawless here with a remarkable understated beauty. Her look says "of course I'm gorgeous" but look at my kick a** outfit. Are you into this look? Look into this "Best of Nudes Mini Lip set" at Sephora! Looking for a recommended set of false lashes? Check out this article from Harpers Bazaar.

Let Your Inner Mermaid Shine With Glitter Sparkles

Is it just me or does this picture just make you happy? There is something about glitter that makes every little girl's dreams come true. My personal issue with glitter? It lingers.... everywhere lol. If you're worried about the impact glitter has on the environment look no further than . They sell "biodegradable glitter made from a plant cellulose, derived predominantly from non-GMO sustainably farmed Eucalyptus Trees".

Quarantine Style

My personal favorite! Maybe you say screw it and show your beautifully bare face like JLO. Good skin care is the best beauty investment forever and always, but right now it's more than socially acceptable to show your bare face out and about because who cares right? Another approach to the "quarantine style" is to glam the hell out of your eyes and cover the rest with your favorite new NECESSARY accessory. Masks have become the new must have item because as we fight this pandemic it is extremely important to have and also conveniently covers most of your face!

POP of Color

Ready for something a little DARING?? Think colorful. Times are crazy. It's a little like everything is "in" and also nothing at all. It is important to follow your heart and express your own style. Bright colors work well with neutral outfits! Not sure what colors go well with your eyes? Check out this article from GQ!

As always, follow your heart and stay healthy, and safe this holiday season. Let me know which inspiration gets you excited to try something new this holiday season. Share this article and follow me on social media @jacqulineterrydesigns to share your experiences and thoughts. Happy Holidays beautiful ladies and gents. Muah!

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