The Cheat Guide to the Circle Skirt

Updated: 2 days ago

One of the most attractive and flattering skirts of all time is the circle skirt. It is truly flattering on every shape and has taken on many lives across the centuries. It is most often remembered as it was VERY popular in the 1950s. I have made many of these skirts throughout my time as a costume assistant in college and several different versions throughout fashion school and beyond.

Using the following tips and "cheat guide" I believe even the beginner can cut, and sew a true circle skirt with accuracy and gain that ever so sweet boost of confidence that comes with wearing (or selling) such a flattering garment.

Step #1 - Get your Measurements Ready

For this "cheat guide" to be effective it needs to be SUPER SIMPLE right? My thoughts too! So I will tell you that all you need are just TWO measurements! You only need your waist measurement and your waist to hem measurement to do this ENTIRE skirt.

Designer's Note: If you have a skirt block drafted then you can use the slash and spread method until the skirt front lays 1/4 circle from Center Front to Side Seam on the selvedge (as shown in the cutting guide image below).