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How to Make Adjustable Straps

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Adjustable straps are amazing and elevate your project. Wether its lingerie you're making or straps for a dress or top, adjustable straps make such a huge difference.

For the top I'm making my Cordelia Cowl Neckline Dress/ Top. I will be making matching straps out of the same fabric as the main top. The rings and slides I bought are 3/8" so the strap will need to be finished at 3/8".

NOTE: If your project is a wider strap you will need wider slides and rings.

I have a piece of fabric that measures 1.75" x 25"

Im sewing a long tube to create my strap. Im sewing at 3/8" wide for the length of the strap. (This is the size i need for my project, you can go thicker.) Then trim down the strap any excess you need to remove.

Then turn your tube / strap right side out and press. I have a set of "tube turners" from Amazon.

  • Your Custom made 3/8" wide strap or

  • (FOR LINGERIE) Two yards of 3/8″ lingerie strap or plush elastic.

  • Two 3/8″ bra rings

  • Two 3/8″ bra sliders

How to make the straps adjustable:

Split the elastic or strap into one shorter 3" section and one long section 18" depending on how far the strap needs to go you may cut it shorter.

SHORT (BACK) Take the ring and thread the short section through it. Match raw edges together and attach or baste together at 3/8". TIP: Make sure if you have elastic that has a right side that it is facing out.

You will attach this to the back of your garment by basting it in and then sandwiching it between the back and facing. Your raw edge will be sandwiched between two layers. The ring and short loop will stick up when garment is finished.

Now you have your long section attached to your garment front, and its time to finish that strap!

Start by threading the longer section through both sides of the double loop. over the center bar of the slider pull about 2" of elastic or strap through. Remember that if you have an elastic to keep the right side facing out. and try not to twist your strap.

Then, thread the end of the long piece through the lingerie ring.

Here's where it gets tricky. Turn the strap over, pass the raw edge of the strap above the center bar of the slide.

TIP: give yourself slack with both to make it easier.

You should have a little loop in the center and a big loop on the outer edge.

Time to secure the inside loop. Fold the raw edge over on itself and secure by sewing it down. This might be a tight squeeze to sew.

This is how your strap should look close up!

HI! Im Jacquline Terry. I have been sewing for 20 years and I believe sewing is a skill we have to pass on. Even if your experience is just basic sewing, it matters

and taking the time to learn is important work.

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