How to Make Adjustable Straps

Updated: Aug 3

Adjustable straps are amazing and elevate your project. Wether its lingerie you're making or straps for a dress or top, adjustable straps make such a huge difference.

For the top I'm making my Cordelia Cowl Neckline Dress/ Top. I will be making matching straps out of the same fabric as the main top. The rings and slides I bought are 3/8" so the strap will need to be finished at 3/8".

NOTE: If your project is a wider strap you will need wider slides and rings.

I have a piece of fabric that measures 1.75" x 25"

Im sewing a long tube to create my strap. Im sewing at 3/8" wide for the length of the strap. (This is the size i need for my project, you can go thicker.) Then trim down the strap any excess you need to remove.

Then turn your tube / strap right side out and press. I have a set of "tube turners" from Amazon.

  • Your Custom made 3/8" wide strap or

  • (FOR LINGERIE) Two yards of 3/8″ lingerie strap or plush elastic.

  • Two 3/8″ bra rings