Designer File: LaQuan Smith

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Who is LaQuan Smith and why is he all over my Instagram feed right now? As it turns out, Laquan Smith has been on the fashion scene for quite some time and is frequently chosen by celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna. The 32 year old designer started his fashion label at just 21 and already has an impressive resume. His website states: "Born in Queens. Manufactured in NYC. To wear Laquan Smith is truly an experience." His aesthetic is aimed more towards high-end luxury clients and features flowy and alternative fabrics like his current 2021 collection featuring pants made of PVC. Think corner booth in the club sipping premium champagne while "This is How We Do it" comes on. He has built his brand on "the experience" of wearing what some might call outlandish garments but he's "unapologetic".

Recently an Instagram post by Kylie Jenner (wearing mentioned PVC pants) fanned the flame. On November 16th Kylie posted: "dinner @ mine ?".

LaQuan Smith posted pictures of Kylie in the outfit from that night (pictured right).

Other pictures from Kylie's birthday celebrations boasted additional Laquan Smith outfits as the pictures came rolling in from from the KarJenner Clan. In true "clan" fashion they all decided to pick from the list and sprinkle social media with images of Smith's work. A few quick searches and you would find that the Kardashian/ Jenners have been supporting Smith's talents for many years.

Later in the same month, Laquan Smith's name was buzzing again as JLO wore his black spandex catsuit from his Fall/ Winter 2020 collection to perform at the American Music Awards on November 22, 2020. The "catsuit" as it's known has now been photographed on so many celebrities that it's quite ridiculous given its design. Clearly you can't fit your spanx under one of these bad boys so sadly, it's a no for me.

So far, my favorite is this Allure cover with Selena Gomez in a LaQuan Smith dress with puffed shoulder detail. Doesn't she just look AMAZING? The dress itself is very universally flattering in that "timeless beauty" sort of way that helps an image like this hold up over time. Cheers to the wardrobe specialist that picked this baby for this cover. We thank you for your service in fueling our style-deprived quarantine lives.

LaQuan Smith's Instagram feed is quickly becoming a who's who of celebrities wearing his creations and it looks like this train is only picking up steam! What this young designer has accomplished in just a few short years is nothing short of remarkable. LaQuan Smith will certainly be one to follow.

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