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Beauty File: Byrdie Beauty

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Looking for a new beauty account to follow? Look no further than Byrdie Beauty! Their Instagram account is full of ultra hip beauty tips, tricks, and inspiration. This page is definitely one to follow if you are looking for a more editorial format. It offers many different points of view almost as if you're looking at Vogue but without all of the followers of the International Fashion Giant. I think with all of the Quarantine blues I'm feeling these days and the endless calls from my children in every direction.. "Mommy, I need you" I am looking for something a little well... MORE! So take a minute and mentally check out while you pretend you are an edgy, chic, fashion goddess that we all know is still in there somewhere.

Byrdie Beauty features celebrities like Molly Sims (@mollybsims) who recently collaborated on an Instagram Story for the brand.

In the story, Sims covered several beauty products in her morning beauty routine. In case you're wondering what she uses on her never-aging face, cause I think we all are..... I've taken the time to type them out for you all! (Most if not all of these can also be found at Sephora.)

Seiso foaming skin cleanser @seisojbeauty

Banana bright Vitamin C serum

Is clinicals youth complex @isclinical

Super Goop Glow Screen Sunscreen

Super Goop Foundation CC Cream

Vital Skins Foundation Stick

blush @milanicosmentics in berry amore

Pillow Talk Pallate @ctilburymakup

Limitless Lash Mascara @ilibeauty

Becca Highlighter @beccacosmetics in "champagne pop"

I$land Ting Bronzer @fentybeauty

White Powder @lauramercier

Lipgloss in Santo Domingo @narsissist

Lily Collins for Byrdie Beauty via Byrdie Beauty Instagram

Up and coming celebrity Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) which I personally fell in love with "Emily in Paris" on Netflix, was featured on Byrdie Beauty. I am thrilled to see her collaborate with this brand because they are so edgy and chic. Just look at those eyebrows... SWOON!

I recently started following her on Instagram and to my delight she seems to follow the sweet lovable vibes that her character Emily in the show has. If you haven't seen "Emily in Paris" you should check it out. The clothing and styling in the show are definitely something to take notes on. The character's style is much less mature than my personal preference but she has the youthful aesthetic of a "twenty something" with everything to prove.

Here are a few highlights from the Byrdie Beauty page: via @ByrdieBeauty

I full-heartedly suggest giving @byrdiebeauty a follow. Flush away the Quarantine stagnancy and try something a little more "fresh". Let us know what you think and follow us @jacqulineterrydesigns for more beauty and designer inspiration.

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